Dr. Lawrence Grierson, PhD

L_Grierson_2015.jpgDr. Lawrence Grierson is Associate Professor of the Department of Family Medicine, the Program for Educational Research and Development (PERD), and the Program for Rural and Community Education (Mac-CARE) and the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University; appointments through which he leads a variety of research pertaining to Health Professions Education.


With the Department of Family Medicine, Dr. Grierson leads a Research Group that examines the professional development of family physicians from a variety of theoretical perspectives, and that works to develop sustainable programs of inquiry that can address the education questions that arise in the primary care context.

Lawrence is especially interested though in the way sensory-perceptual information processing impacts the control and learning of precision manual movements, and he applies this perspective in studies concerned with understanding the features of effective clinical skills training, the objective assessment of technical skills, and the feasibility of internet-mediated networked learning tools for clinical skills training.

Lawrence is also the Associate Director of the Masters of Science in Health Science Education Program, in which he coordinates and leads a graduate course on the Fundamentals of Technical and Non-Technical Skill Acquisition: Implications for Simulation-based Learning.